Join my Prenatal Pilates Program!

I am so excited to move with you throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond!

In this 5-part series, you’ll be guided through movements that will safely strengthen and stretch your whole body.

The classes can be done at every stage of pregnancy and are suitable for all levels of physical fitness.

Each class is about 30-minutes long.

The program is also ideal as postpartum exercise (once you’ve gotten permission from your doctor to resume physical activity).

Feel free to repeat the classes as often as you’d like- whenever you want, wherever you are!

Want to experience how GOOD you can feel throughout your whole pregnancy?

My Prenatal Pilates Program consists of 5 classes:

Into to Prenatal Pilates

In this intro class, we’ll cover all the basics! This class is intentionally slower paced and heavy on the instruction so that you can familiarize yourself with the building blocks of the program! We’ll go over breath work, basic Pilates “shapes,” pelvic stability, as well as some pregnancy-safe tips that will help you along the way.

Upper Body Strength + Stretch

In this invigorating class, we’ll challenge the muscles of the upper body AND get that feel-good stretch!

Lower Body Strength + Stretch

In this class we’ll focus on the legs, glutes, hips, and pelvis. It is especially important in pregnancy to keep these areas strengthened AND stretched as they serve to support the rest of the body.

Just the Stretches!

Whether you’re feeling emotionally stressed, low on energy, or physically stiff/achy, this class is pure movement bliss! Stretch, chill, and repeat (often!).

Prenatal Mix + Flow

This class contains all of the best elements of the previous classes to give you a challenging, full body workout! With lots of new variations of the movements you’re now familiar with, the body can truly flow through this energizing class!