Online Pilates
For Women 60+

E V O L V E  is more than just a workout program – it’s a community of vibrant women looking to live their best life feeling strong, energized and pain-free.

Introducing E V O L V E

an interactive online Pilates studio specifically designed for women in their 60’s and 70’s.

Our bodies evolve as we move through the various seasons of life. These changes are reflected in our bones, joints, and muscles- as well as in our nervous system and hormones.

While fitness is a KEY element in maintaining optimal health, not all exercise modalities are ideal for the 60+ demographic.

Some are too high impact, causing damage to the joints and spine. Some place too much strain on sensitive areas such as the muscles of the neck and low back. Some move too quickly causing dizziness and lightheadedness.

You need movement that works FOR you, not against you.
You need a form of exercise that addresses your specific needs and continues to adapt as you  E V O L V E.

You need movement that works FOR you, not against you.

You need a form of exercise that addresses your specific needs and continues to adapt as you  E V O L V E.

Hi, I’m Lisa.

I’m a Columbia University trained Registered Nurse and a Wingate-certified Pilates teacher.

I became a nurse 20 years ago and then began teaching mat Pilates over 10 years ago.  I initially got into Pilates as a way to remedy my relentless back and hip pain- it worked!

I decided to create E V O L V E because I saw a major need for it.  Both my own mother and mother-in-law, vivacious women in their late 60’s, were struggling to find a fitness program that met their specific needs and lifestyle. So I set out to make my own!

Using my medical background and years of hands-on teaching, I’ve developed a Pilates program for women in their 60’s and 70’s that’s safe and gentle, but also effective, flexible, and fun! 

You want movement that’s:







Energizing and upbeat

And, of course, you want RESULTS!

I’ve witnessed the incredible transformations that are possible with consistent Pilates practice.

E V O L V E  offers top quality Pilates classes, with personalized guidance and support, to women 60+ from all over the world.

At  E V O L V E, the classes are
designed to improve

Core Strength

Full Body Fitness and Endurance

Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

Flexibility and Posture

Bone Density

Immune System

Balance, Stability and Coordination

Energy Levels

Pelvic Floor Strength

Weight Control

Mental Acuity

Your Mood

Our workouts also take into careful consideration common areas of weakness and sensitivity such as the knees, wrists, shoulders, neck and lower back. 

What Does E V O L V E
Offer and Include?

The E V O L V E program offers LIVE group and private classes, as well as unlimited access to a library of pre-recorded classes that you can take anytime, anywhere!

With E V O L V E, you get:

TWO LIVE group classes per week

(on livestream)

Unlimited access to a library of pre-recorded classes designed just for you

One LIVE PRIVATE class as part of your welcome package

(on livestream)

With  E V O L V E, you get the best of both worlds: a portable program that goes where you go AND gives you personalized guidance in real time.

I designed E V O L V E to fit YOU and
your lifestyle:

It’s Portable

Got travel plans? No problem! This program goes where YOU go. No more starting and stopping. Now you can stay consistent in your fitness routine no matter where you are!

It’s Flexible

With a mix of live group classes, private sessions and access to a library of pre-recorded classes, you can determine your own fitness goals- and I’ll help you reach them! 

It’s Customized

E V O L V E  isn’t a one size fits all program- it’s a customizable journey with personalized guidance. I’ll teach you how to safely work around your injuries and strengthen your weaker areas. 

It’s Interactive

With E V O L V E you get instant feedback as all live classes are followed by a live Q and A session. You also get a built-in community which means accountability, motivation, and fun! 

It’s Joyful!

Pilates is feel-good movement! I’ve designed the classes to make us feel GOOD in body and in mind. It’s the ultimate pick me up!

It’s Simple!

No fancy equipment to lug around.  No complicated regimens to remember. We take the decision fatigue out of your workout.  This program isn’t going to overwhelm you- it’s going to welcome you and motivate you.

It’s a Balanced Approach

It’s not all-or-nothing around here-  it’s about balanced living. We’re not into extremes– we’re building a sustainable lifestyle. It’s a practice, not a perfect!


We’re talking
real results
for real people.

The best part is, you don’t have to be an avid exerciser or have any prior Pilates experience.

And you don’t have to be tech savvy either!  Our online program is super simple to use.

Classes are clear
and easy to follow.

Want to learn more about EVOLVE? Join me on a complementary video Discovery Call to find out if it’s the right fit for you!

Step into  E V O L V E and discover what you’re capable of.

Your spot is waiting
for you.

I can’t wait to welcome you inside.

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